Distance Healing

What is distance healing and how does it work? 

Distance healing is a session where healing energy is sent across time and space and received through intention alone.


This has just as a potent healing effect on the recipient as if in person because energy is not constrained by time or space

The reason you do not have to be present physically to have a healing session conducted is that, in alternative energy healing, I am working with a persons energy body.


This energy body is easily accessible at any time and I can just as easily identify any blocks in your energy system and chakras, as if in person. 

Some recipients find this method more powerful because they are comfortable, in their own home and able to drop even deeper into the healing states.

Taking in-person or 
online appointments.

How to prepare for your distance healing session

To perform a distance healing session, you will require a charged phone or a laptop with an internet connection. We can either use a video conference call using Zoom, Facebook or something similar or, through a standard phone call.

If you would like this session to be performed through a standard phone call, please email or message me a photograph of yourself so that I can more easily tune into your energy body.

Find a nice, quiet spot in your house where you will preferably not be disturbed throughout the duration of the session. If this is not possible, do not worry. You will still yield good results.

Before we start, set an intention for this session and what you would like to get out of it. This may be a word or phrase. Intention is a powerful stimulator of change and growth.

Price, length, and structure 

Session length:
An average session is between 1 to 1.5 hours.


$120 per session.


Please be ready to go 5 minutes before our scheduled appointment so we can log on a greet. We will then begin by having a chat about what brought you to me and what is going on for you.

Depending on what feels right, I have a range of modalities that I incorporate into my session. We may use EFT tapping, sound healing or get started with Reiki. 

When performing energy healing and Reiki sessions, I will ask you to lie down in a comfortable spot such as your bed and all you have to do is lay down, relax and surrender to whatever comes up for you.

We conclude the session with a chat to see what came up for you and I may make some recommendations to help the integration process of your session.