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Burnout to Balance

Alleviate the crippling effect that burnout, stress and emotional overwhelm is having on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health through powerful healing modalities, tools and techniques - taking you from burnt out and overwhelmed to balanced, calm and overfilling with love, energy, acceptance and peace.

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Workshop offerings

Day 01

Breaking down Burnout

Gain a deeper understanding of the human brain and nervous system and learn healthy ways to soothe and balance so you can live a life free from burnout, replacing it with a sense of ease and calm.


Learn practical calming tools that you can take with you throughout your everyday life, helping you to calm your nervous system and ground down into the moment.


Discover simple methods that will allow you to find stillness, even in your busy life, that will ground you, stabilise you and bring a sense of calm whenever you need it the most.

Day 03

From Burnout to Balance

This is where the real magic happens.


I will break down 10 years of my healing journey that took me from burnout to balance, into 10 main steps you need to take to get there yourself.

You will learn one of the most powerful techniques that can change your life, soothe your body and mind and bring you to a place of freedom, balance and joy.

Day 02

Master your Mindset

Create significant and lasting changes in your life and wellbeing through powerful mindset work.


This will literally begin to change how you view the world and situations you are dealt with, allowing you to live a more positive and happy life.


Unlock your fullest potential by freeing yourself from the weight of your stress-provoking self-limitations such as doubt, fear of the unknown and the incessant need to control, which only amplify your burnout.

This is your time

Do you want to go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed, overworked, tired and numb to feeling on top of the world through the learning and implementation of powerful tools and techniques?


Are you ready to go down the empowering and enriching path of self-exploration, self-discovery and self-love, clearing emotional blocks and cultivating your natural state of grounded, calming, yet powerful energy?

Do you want to learn many fundamentally life-changing tools gathered over 10 years, that are formulated to fast track your healing journey, bringing you from overworked, overloaded, burnout and overwhelmed to overfilling with love, energy, acceptance and peace?

I’ve had transformational experiences with Roxy. She has a wonderful loving healing energy and is very caring.