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1 to 1.5 hours

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$120 / session


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- Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking and read how to get here on the contact page.

- You can cancel your appointment prior to the 24-hour mark of your appointment. After that, you will incur a 50% fee. If you do not show, you will be charged the full service.


Disclaimer: Reiki and energy treatments should never replace conventional care; patients should always mention any complementary health treatment they are receiving to their health care provider.

what I offer

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1 to 1.5 hr session

EFT stands for The Emotional Freedom Technique and as the name suggests, is a powerful tool that can help process deep-rooted emotions and feelings relating to events, fears, or phobias.


It involves gently tapping on energy meridians whilst combining exposure and cognitive therapy to create a type of therapy that has the ability to get to the root cause of ailments and free you from your emotional burdens.


Energy meridians have used in traditional acupuncture for over 5,000 years to treat emotional and physical ailments and their importance has been well documented.

This combination of tapping meridians and voicing what is going on for you works to ‘short-circuit’ the emotional block from your body and is an effective way to address emotional overwhelm, addictions, pain, or past trauma.

I practice EFT in the Central Coast and by distance healing.

What an EFT session may look like >

Taking in-person or 
online appointments.


Chakra alignment


1 to 1.5 hr session

Simply put, a chakra is a spiritual energy centre within the human body in which flows energy (life-force, prana, chi) throughout your system.


In Sanskrit, this word translates to wheel or disk which is exactly what they are, however, we cannot see them as they are held in the subtle body which is a part of you that you can’t see or touch.

We all have 7 main chakras which each correlate to a different area of your life. Chakras store the energy of feelings, memories, experiences, thoughts and actions and therefore has a direct impact on our present. If these chakras are blocked, we feel unbalanced, unhealthy, sick, emotional and out of whack.


When working at optimal capacity and balance, your chakras flow energy to one another in unison, providing you with stable emotions, a clear mind and a healthy physical body.

What a Chakra Alignment session may look like >

Taking in-person or 
online appointments.


Distance Healing


1 to 1.5 hr session

Distance healing is a session where healing energy is sent across time and space and received through intention alone.


This has just as a potent healing effect on the recipient as if in person because energy is not constrained by time or space. 

The reason you do not have to be present physically to have a healing session conducted is that, in alternative energy healing, I am working with a persons energy body.


This energy body is easily accessible at any time and I can just as easily identify any blocks in your energy system and chakras, as if in person. 

Some recipients find this method more powerful because they are comfortable, in their own home and able to drop even deeper into the healing states.

What a Distance Healing session may look like >

Taking in-person or 
online appointments.




1 to 1.5 hr session

Reiki healing is an ancient form of healing originating in Japan. It is a technique that promotes deep healing, relaxation, and stress relief in a gentle and non-intrusive way.

To perform a Reiki session, I firstly gather healing universal life force energy which I deliver to you through my hands with pure, positive, and loving intention.

The energy is powerful, yet gentle and will move to where it is needed to help
dispel discomfort, sickness, insomnia, emotional distress, or anxiety.


The higher our life force energy is, the healthier, happier, and more at ease, we will be in our day to day lives.


If you are feeling stressed, sick or anxious, then Reiki is for you. 

Please note: I do not touch your body and respect the current COVID situation. Energy is transmitted from my hands and does not need skin on skin contact.

What a Reiki session may look like >

Taking in-person or 
online appointments.




1 to 1.5 hr session

Breathwork is a powerful and ancient technique that helps to bring subconscious energy and emotions to the conscious mind and body, allowing patients to have deep releases of emotions, profound connections with the universe, and balance of the chakras.

The term breathwork might come across as simple slow deep, relaxing breathing but this type of breathwork is quite different. It is an interconnected breath with no gaps that may have many different effects, all of which is cleansing, healing, and releasing.

What we suppress becomes stagnant in our bodies and the key to healing is usually locked within the subconscious. This form of breathwork brings forth what is needed for the next step in evolution and can have powerful and lasting effects.

If you are feeling blocked, stagnant or curious then breathwork is for you. Breathwork sessions are held in the Central Coast or by distance healing.

Please note: I do not touch your body and respect the current COVID situation. 

What a Breathwork session may look like >

Taking in-person or 
online appointments.