The Four Energy Bodies

It may come as a surprise that we all have more than one 'body'. We actually have four energy bodies which meld together to create our fullest existence.

These interconnected energy bodies influence one another and in turn, our overall health.

When these bodies are in optimum balance, you are calm, clear, energised and performing at your peak.

Let's break down these four bodies and I'll show you ways to balance them.

Spiritual Body

The spiritual body is your connection with source, God, the universe, quantum energy or whatever resonates with you. It is your connection to all that is higher than us and is tied with religion and spirituality.

This energy trickles down from the universe, into the mental body. Blockages may make it difficult to receive this energy and information so it is important to keep these channels open.

Developing our spirituality and intuition is just as important as mental, emotional or physical balance. Here are ways to help create balance:

  • Meditate daily: There are many types of meditations. Some include guided meditations, mala meditations, chanting, transcendental, just to name a few. Find what works best for you and stick to it.

  • Study: Religion, philosophy, spirituality and consciousness.

  • Pray: Connect with source, God, your guides, angels. Whatever resonates with you, go with it.

  • Energy tools: Learn practices such as Reiki, chi gong, acupuncture and EFT to keep your channels open and flowing.

Mental Body

On the surface, the mental body is your thoughts. Going deeper than that, it houses our belief systems, desires, goals and values.

Beliefs are our convictions that we 'believe' to be true. Values are fundamental beliefs that we hold internally as most important in an area of life. Values and beliefs stem from our early childhood thoughts, most of which were imprinted from the world around us.

Goals are set to help us achieve our desires. These help us get to where we want to be by directing our mental focus from moment to moment.

Energy flows from the mental to the emotional body and may collide with stored emotional baggage from past experiences. This may cause fear, anxiety and stress. That is why it is so important to ensure we keep our emotional body balanced and clear. It is also important to have positive belief systems. Here are some ways to balance the mental body:

  • Limiting beliefs: Begin to notice when negative self-talk thoughts arise. Notice when a belief that is limiting arises. You can keep a journal and do some work on limiting beliefs by noticing where they stem from and begin clearing them, imprinting more positive belief structures.

  • Set clear goals: Set goals that are aligned to your highest good but do not put unrealistic pressure on yourself to achieve them.

  • Study: Keep developing your knowledge in areas that excite you.

  • Positive affirmations: Start saying kind words to yourself. Hold your hand to your heart and recite I AM phrases that intuitively come to you. I am safe. I am strong. I am a good person.

Emotional Body

The emotional body houses all of your past, present and future emotions. This includes sadness, fear, anger, resentment, jealousy and shame, just to name a few.

Things that we experience in our lives generate feelings and are then labelled to help us identify the emotion. These are stored as memories and can affect how we react to similar experiences in the future.

This can present as anxiety about the future, which is essentially stored baggage from past experiences that were not processed. Excess emotional baggage can build up, causing stress which may then trickle down and affect the physical body.

Emotional intelligence is the key to begin understanding and working with this body. Here are some ways you can work with the emotional body to begin creating harmony:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique: This is a powerful technique that allows us to release built-up emotions, understand where they came from and process them so that the same situations and experiences do not trigger us anymore.

  • Journaling: Writing down the emotions you are feeling and begin questioning them can be very powerful. (Why is this coming up? When does this emotion show itself? What is this emotion trying to tell me?)

  • Forgiveness: Start to move towards forgiving those who have wronged you and also forgive yourself. Sometimes we are our own harshest critic.

  • Gratitude: Start appreciating the simple things in life. The smell of the rain, the bed you sleep in at night, the smile from a stranger.

  • Connection: Human connection is one of our fundamental core needs. Spending quality time with loved ones and talking to them about what is bothering us can show you that you are not alone. If these are the people who are triggering your emotions, work towards understanding why and if needed, place boundaries to keep yourself energetically safe.

Physical body

The physical body is the total sum and reflection of all aspects of who you are. It indicates the balance of all other energy bodies.

Exercise and healthy eating are usually what comes to mind when we think of physical health however one of the main contributing factors to your overall physical health is emotional and mental balance.

Chronic stress takes an unbelievable toll on the physical body, causing tension, dis-ease and eventually, disease. Stress occurs when our emotional, mental and spiritual needs are not being met.

That is why it is so important to consider all of your energy bodies and take the time to satisfy the needs of each.

Some ways to balance the physical body include:

  • Physical exercise: This may include cardio, strength training, dancing, flowing, yoga or walking.

  • Healthy meals: Eating fresh, healthy meals and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

  • Drinking water: Keeping yourself hydrated is important for helping energy flow and your organs functioning at optimal capacity.

  • Sleep: Get a good nights rest, nap when you feel like you need it and always take breaks during the day.

  • Massages: This helps to relieve physical tension built up and also satisfies our need for human touch and connection.

  • Time in Nature: Go out for bush walks, to the park, to the ocean and enjoy the sunshine.

Let me know in the comments how you like to keep your four energy bodies balanced!

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