soothing your nervous system

Tools & Techniques


When you are feeling super frazzled, stressed and overwhelmed it can feel like there is no way out, however, I am here to tell you that there are many wonderful ways to soothe your nervous system, mind, body and soul during these times and I would love to share a few with you.

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Box Breathing

Box breathing is a super easy, grounding breathing technique that you can do anywhere, anytime. 

It will help to soothe your nervous system, relax your body and calm your mind.

Master Mindfulness

When you are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and frazzled, mindfulness can be your best friend.


In these moments, try to bring yourself back into the present moment.

You can do this at any time, in any situation.


Words are extremely powerful and hold vibration that can soften negativity.


This is a list of some affirmations that can help in different situations but feel free to create your own.

Say these out loud or in your mind when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

To amplify the power of these affirmations, jot down the ones that really resonate with you and repeat them to yourself every morning in the mirror.

*If when saying any of these, they do not feel in alignment then change them or swap them out for something else. You could even put "maybe" in front to create a suggestion for your subconscious mind.


Limiting beliefs can put us in resistance to affirmations and in the Mastermind course, I help us break down these limitations.

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Lay or sit down comfortably and begin to ground down into your body, closing down your eyes.

Take a slow, deep breath into your belly for a count of four seconds.

Now hold at the top for a count of four seconds.

Breath out for a count of four seconds.

Now hold at the bottom for a count of four seconds.

Repeat for as long as you like or until you feel calm and grounded.

Questions to ask:

What am I doing right now?

What textures do I feel?

What colours do I see?

What sounds do I hear?

What smells do I smell?

How am I feeling?

Say it

You can also say what you are doing out loud or in your head which is a great way to facilitate everyday mindfulness and bring you into the now.

For example:

*Washing dishes*

"I am washing the dishes."

"I am here washing the dishes."

"I feel the soap between my fingers."

"I feel the water running on my hands."

"The water is so nice and warm."

"The warm water sends tingles from my fingers and up my arms and feels so calming."

Feeling scared or anxious?

Feeling sad or depressed?

Feeling angry or powerless?

Feeling unworthy or unlovable?

"I am safe."

"I am protected."

"I am OK."

"This too shall pass."

"Tomorrows another day."

"I am strong."

"I have the courage to get through this."

"I am loved and guided by the universe/god/my guides."

"I deserve to be happy."

"Today is a new start"

"I am powerful."

"I can choose how I react to each situation."

"It's ok to be angry, it is what I do with it that counts."

"It is ok to set healthy boundaries."

"I am enough."

"I deserve to be loved."

"I am love."

"I radiate love and kindness."
"I am perfectly imperfect."

"I am me and that is perfect."